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Pop Bio Vü Imaging System is built on over 100 years of collective imaging experience, with our expert development team having developed multiple patented imaging techniques for the scientific and healthcare markets.

Pop Bio brings its new imaging technology to the life science market. Vü Imaging System is an innovative imaging platform changes the way images of gels and blots are captured. This results in smaller, high-sensitivity imaging systems which are simple to use and produce superb image quality. The Pop Bio Vü Imaging Systems for chemiluminescence and fluorescence applications re-write the gel documentation rule book.

With extensive worldwide distribution experience in the establishment of sales channels for gel and blot imaging systems, Pop Bio is an established and respected group in the life science market. Your next-generation gel documentation system has arrived.

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Vü-C chemiluminescence system makes the imaging of Western Blots easy. This really in the future way of capturing images using the latest high sensitivity CMOS sensors.
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Vü-F is perfect for fluorescence applications using its integral UV, Blue LED's or white light screen to handle a wide range of sample types. So simple to use..!

The rapid recent advances in CMOS sensor technology [think mobile phone] has led to Pop Bio creating a new type of gel and blot imaging system. The CMOS sensor has outstanding imaging qualities in the visible spectrum, is low cost, small and easy to control and is therefore perfect for this application and makes a serious case to replace CCD technology.

Learn about the new advances in CMOS technology and how Pop Bio has harnessed this to develop the next generation of gel and blot imaging systems.

Cooling System for Noise Reduction

not required


small footprint

Motorized Light Filter Wheel

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Non CCD Camera Technology

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