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About Us

Pop Bio Vü Imaging System is built on over 100 years of collective imaging experience

With our expert development team having developed multiple patented imaging techniques for the scientific and healthcare markets.

With extensive world-wide distribution experience in the establishment of sales channels for gel and blot imaging systems, Pop Bio is an established and respected group in the life science market.

Cooling System for Noise Reduction

not required


small footprint

Motorized Light Filter Wheel

not required

Non CCD Camera Technology

gel imaging

Operation Process of Vü Imaging System

Start the imaging software, confirm the light source then place the gel / blot.
Push in the gel tray.
Auto-scanning of Gel Image is in progress.
Result Image Displayed and Auto-Saved.

Automated Intelligence Imaging Process

  • Imaging process is intelligently operated by the Automated Imaging Acquisition Software.
  • Places the gel or blot on tray, push the tray to close, system automatically detects and starts the image acquisition, then saves it automatically to pre-defined drives

Vü Scanning Sensor Array (Patented)

  • System is equipped with Vü patented Scanning Sensor
    Array to collect gel imaging output.
  • Sensor is about 3mm – 5mm near the gel or blot, to maximize imaging signal collection
  • Provides Ultra Resolution (50 megapixels – 90
    megapixels) and High-Intensity Blot and Gel Images
  • Benefits to low signal samples or faint bands
    imaging collection
  • Aids to better imaging background and low noise